Outgoing Email Settings

25/01/2016 13:03

We have found that some Operating system updates, especially on Apple OS and Windows, have been resetting the outgoing (SMTP) email settings. This means that your email application would fail on...

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Gmail user? Check your Spam folder

12/04/2014 16:43

If your contact email address with us is a Gmail address (@gmail.com or @googlemail.com) then please be advised that you should routinely check your 'Spam' folder on the Gmail webmail site. We...

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WEBMASTERS: Secure your web applications!

13/07/2012 18:47

IMPORTANT: TO ALL WEBMASTERS Many content management system (CMS) web installations such as Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB etc. on our servers have been hacked recently due to using versions that...

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Domain Name Pricing - No Change!

08/01/2012 14:16

On January 14 2012 Verisign are increasing their domain name prices (.com and .net domain registrations), however we are pleased to assure you that we will not be increasing our domain...

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New Client Area and Website at WiserHosting!

05/02/2011 13:05

We have now launched the NEW WiserHosting Client Area and Website. We trust that you will be able to find your way around easily enough, however if you have any queries about the changes please...

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Server kappa is being rebooted at short notice

00/00/0000 00:00

Server kappa is being rebooted again at short notice, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Server xi eEmergency hardware maintenance

00/00/0000 00:00

Emergency hardware maintenance 1:10AM - 1:30AM

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