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cPanel / Webmail service on

08/02/2020 11:03

There has been a service interruption for cPanel and Webmail on this morning, as a result of problems at the datacenter in renewing the cPanel licence. Some of you will...

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New Sextortion Email Scam Fakes Your Email Address

25/10/2018 16:12

A new sextortion scam has been detected that attempts to fool the recipient of the message into believing their email account has been compromised and that their computer is under full control of...

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Domain Registry Pricing Adjustments

13/09/2018 17:55

Owing to the continual increase in cost of domain registrations at top level registries over recent years, we are having to adjust our domain pricing accordingly. You can see our current domain...

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New Partnership with Deep Blue Backup

13/09/2018 17:40

WiserHosting is pleased to announce a new partnership with UK based Deep Blue Backup, providers of cloud backup services for small and medium sized business (Backup for PCs/MACs, Servers, and...

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New Privacy Policy

24/05/2018 23:43

Our privacy policy can seen at

Outgoing Email Settings

25/01/2016 13:03

We have found that some Operating system updates, especially on Apple OS and Windows, have been resetting the outgoing (SMTP) email settings. This means that your email application would fail on...

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Gmail user? Check your Spam folder

12/04/2014 16:43

If your contact email address with us is a Gmail address ( or then please be advised that you should routinely check your 'Spam' folder on the Gmail webmail site. We...

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WEBMASTERS: Secure your web applications!

13/07/2012 18:47

IMPORTANT: TO ALL WEBMASTERS Many content management system (CMS) web installations such as Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB etc. on our servers have been hacked recently due to using versions that...

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